Milky B No. 44 CD 145.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted March 11, 2003

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I've had this one for quite some time, and it probably has some of the most beautiful, and plentiful, milky swirls of all my insulators. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to photograph it well. This is the closest I've come. It was really bright yesterday after my mom and I got back from our antiquing escapade, and I just felt like photographing some stuff in my collection. It was a beautiful day for it. The main bulk of the swirls in this are in a blob that take up almost the entire top and right side of the dome/crown. In this area, you could almost call the glass 'jade', but not quite. It's still relatively clear, but when you look at the swirls in just the right lighting, they jump out at you! Heck, in some places, the thing is almost as translucent as a Jade H.G.Co. CD 145! Again, this photo does not really show it all that well. There's a lot more swirls than just the ones shown in the dome.