SCA Battery Table Leg Insulator?

By Terry Drollinger; posted January 3, 2018

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This glass is SCA color given to me by my friend Gil. It measures 5 and 1/2 in long counting the threaded part and the base end is approx. 2" square [id=519594528]

This style looks identical to the one John De Sousa posted except his is clear. [id=519291117]

Colin Jung posted an odd colored purple one (at least on my monitor, it looked a little off). His has no threads [id=519186056]

Bill Meier posted this clear one for another collector without threads, in 2015. Bill mentioned he also has a SCA one. He thought it could be a furniture leg. [id=427056933]

Dwayne Anthony posted four purple ones without threads. [id=519411050]