Late 1940s Baume and Mercier Chronograph Restoration

By Dante Di Midio; posted December 23, 2017

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Up date to previous post in here. The case is done and the movement is getting cleaned and oiled. I knew it needed a crown, but it also needs a new winding stem, a spring for a reverse lever was replaced with the wrong one and the screw at the end of the operating lever was replaced by an handcut screw that won't hold well. The watch maker I used is waiting on the screw to arrive in the mail. Hopefully it will be done by the middle of January. Provided of course the threads in the main plate weren't damaged. Then that's a little more of an invoked repair. Tweezers pointing to screw hole in question. Is it damaged? Or will the new screw do the trick? We'll see. *Update all it took was a slightly larger screw for the operating lever and it's holding.