Yankee Pole Cat Threadless

By Chris Cotnoir; posted December 8, 2017

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These are the best pieces I brought home from the Yankee Pole Cat show last weekend. On the left is a CD 731 EIN [010] (F-Skirt) S.McKEE &.Co. SB in a deep (almost Brooke's) Blue. Besides some bird pecks on the very top of the dome, the condition is remarkably undamaged. The embossing is weak but very readable. On the right is a CD 728 No Embossing in Light (almost Ice) Aqua. A flat base sliver is the only damage; the rest is very minty. The glass itself is bright and shiny with unusual clarity, though it has NOT been tumbled. My timing on this purchase was perfect, since immediately afterwards someone else came along and bought the seller's entire stock all at once. Minus these two, of course. Whew! 8^D Inquiries welcome.