Hard to Find CREB [100] (Yopk) and CREB with Character

By Andy Schoenleben; posted December 2, 2017

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The insulator on the right is a Hard to Find CREB. The embossing is W.BPOOKFIELD / NEW YOPK. The P's are supposed to be R's There are some small chips on the insulator. Small cracks and bubbles are throughout the insulator. $15.00 plus shipping.

The insulator on the left is EIN [150]? and is a CD 102. This insulator has bubbles throughout the insulator. There is a "3" on the (R-Crown) of the insulator and it looks like it is double stamped. There are amber streaks throughout the insulator. There is also a piece of junk on the (F-Skirt) of the insulator. There is a tiny chip on the wire groove and one pinky nail size chip on the side of the insulator near the base. $10.00 plus shipping.

Or take both for $34.75 and FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.

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