CD 162.4 1678 set no1 ALL Sold!

By Russell Paton; posted November 28, 2017

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Some desirable 1678s

From Left to Right:

1678 with round drips! Very tough item to find, 2 small i.s.c.s, blue aqua $65

1678 with olive amber swirling, 3 chipped drips SDP, aqua $55

1678 with light olive amber swirling, smooth base, aqua $35

1678 SDP clear with light milkiness, looks to have some very light purple highlights under certain lighting, but call it clear to be safe! Some drip damage (detailed pics available) $195

1678 smooth base clear $75

Prices are in US dollars; shipping is extra. Discounts available for multiple purchases. Payment by no fee PayPal is preferred.