Yankee Pole Cat Show - December 3, 2017

By John Rajpolt; posted November 26, 2017

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Just one week until the Yankee Pole Cat 'Beat the Snow' show. Enfield, CT - Sunday December 3, 2017. Details in the ICON show listings. We have 26 dealer tables reserved with room for a few more if you've been delinquent or on the fence. Contact me if you are interested in getting a sales table. I just worked on the final batch getting priced for my tables - mint 151 peacock NATCO, City Fire Alarm, Fall River Police Signal, green Castle, yellow and red amber CD 230, Cal helmet, Cal Elec Works, CD 731 with amber swaths, CD 194/5 Hemi in purple, CD 190/1 Diamond purple, green CD 145 American, colored signals, and more. Tempt you to make it to the show?