Power of Positive Thinking (POPT)!

By Geoff Clark; posted November 25, 2017

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Down here in New Zealand we have a dedicated group of 'petrol heads' who restore all sorts of vehicles, machinery etc. There are several 'swap meets' scattered all over the country during most of the year. By our standards, some are large and others just a local gathering. I would think you have a lot of such events in Nth America too. We had a 'large' one 2 weeks ago in Cambridge in the Nth Island, about 3/4 hour from home so I got there about 7.30am and proceeded to check out all the stalls. Many were just simply to look in the back of a 'ute' full of bits and pieces, others had trailers full of rusty old car parts and yet others had stuff spread out on ground sheets or on tables. Going with a positive frame of mind that 'I'll find something' had me finding this CD 334.5 copper top glass insulator on one of the tables. Could not believe my eyes and my hand was on it so quick, nobody else had a chance. In my favour was the fact that there are very few insulator collectors in this neck of the woods, and also that 'Joe Public' probably would not have paid the $30 for this piece of glass. The dealer said it came from a collection of miscellaneous he acquired 5 years ago and he priced it because it was a pretty 'glass paper weight'. The lineman who saved this initially thought the same - it was pretty and too nice to dump! These CD 334.5's have been found in New Zealand in clear/straw colours and are the smallest of the 'metal top' range that were made by Pilkington in the UK and branded with the 'Armourlite' mark. This one has no brand mark, but is illustrated in the article for the CJOW that Tom Katonak wrote a few years ago. In this colour, I believe it to be the 3rd one known, with one in an Australian collection having a damaged top. The following pics show it with the clear version of the CD 334.5 alongside the CD 343.2 I also have. Just about all of the 'copper top', 'aluminium top' and 'cast iron topped' CD's have been found here in NZ.