Purple fizz filled R GOOD JR 162 Sale $325 Sold at ask

By Matthew Willett; posted November 24, 2017

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Up for sale is a killer, tough R GOOD JR in a purple shade. Filled with bubbles that make it light up being underlit or in the sun. Also has some milk wisps and an elongated bubble in the skirt.

Only damage to report is that small inner skirt chip and the typical dome (3-4) annealing lines. Also has the small glass tabs flaked off on the side mold lines under the wire rim. Condition is WAY WAY above what you typically see in these, usually the putter skirt is flaked/chipped up due to the glass fragility.

Take this one for $350 shipped to your place of residence, anywhere in the USA. I prefer PayPal gift option but I will accept others forms of payment. If you have questions or would like more photos, don't hesitate to ask. As always, thank you for checking out my listings!