Gayner Go-With Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted November 9, 2017

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This is the first bottle I've seen that is marked GAYNER. The base says 100/GAYNER/ANNIVERSARY. On the front is embossed a two-story log building with the words AMERICAN/REVOLUTION/BICENTENNIAL/OF/ SALEM COUNTY/1776 1976/HELM'S COVE TAVERN/PENNSGROVE/ NEW JERSEY, and on the back it is embossed with a tall ship and men in rowboats with the words BATTLE/OF THE/ROEBUCK/AND THE/ ROW GALLEYS/HELM'S/COVE/DELAWARE RIVER/MAY 7 AND 8 1776. The color is vibrant 7-Up Green, and the condition is dead mint. A glowing go-with for the Lynchburg-Gayner specialist. Asking $20 plus postage.