On The Road Back From Springfield Ohio and the 47th Annual Mid-Ohio Show

By Gilberto Hedges-Blanquez; posted November 9, 2017

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I have been back from Springfield since Monday but because I was at the airports, and in the air for about about 16 hours breathing recycled air it took a day to clear out my chest and went in on Tuesday for surgery to prepare for a transplant tooth. Today I feel much better! I have read all the emails thanking our gracious hosts for again making the Ohio show a great event and I ditto everyone of them on my behalf. I had a great time visiting with so many old friends. Al and Carol Fix which brought me a very nice gift of two cobalt pieces one which I gave to my good friend Rhode, Tom and Lynda Katonak for bringing me a nice Mexican piece from his collection, Barrett Nicpon for a nice CD 145 B and a collector whose name I forgot who brought me some nice tie-wire insulators. I enjoyed visiting with Lois, Curt, and Allan (who brought me a nice CIA 154 which I passed on to my good buddy Zac, I did pick up a nice CD 154 Derflingher from the auction along with a CD 214 green piece. Rick Soller for asking me about my health and my trips, Ray K. seemed more relaxed and had time to talk with him about lots of things. Even though I did pick up a few insulators that I added to my collection the time I spent with so many folks made the show. What a great show! By the way who ever left the Barbie doll on my table I am sorry to say that she has met her fate by my dog Teddy!