Fully loaded

By James Mulvey; posted November 7, 2017

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The Mid-Ohio show was the best in many years. I had a dozen deals to close at the show, some going- some coming. That was a record for me. I had these 85 discs plus another 30 to pick up, and then whatever I bought at the show.

In case anyone was wondering, 85 suspensions can fit in a space as small as 2x3x5 ft. Bringing this much crap back, I was expecting some delay at the border, and feared the worst when I opened the side door and- I swear- the agent rolled his eyes. Then he sighed and sent me on my way.

My thanks to Curt and the unknown grunts who make it all possible year after year. The Turner cupcakes are also an appreciated treat. Zack for 100+ suspensions, and Chris Hedges who delivered an eBay prize weighing some 160 pounds.