Four CD 423 Australian insulators

By John Hall; posted October 29, 2017

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Listed are four CD 423 Australian insulators. Starting from left side. Embossed A.G.M. 3 - back 5:: and comes in amber. Insulator has a base sliver about 2 inches but still displays nice. Second from left is embossed A.G.M. 27 and on back 5:::::: and comes in a lite greenish color, appears mint. Next is embossed A.G.M. 6 on back 58: and comes in yellowish green color and has a pinhead flake on rim less than 1/16". Right is embossed C.C.G. (light embossing) and on back 4::::: and comes in a pinkish straw color, insulator has some roughness on wire rim about 3/8". I'm asking $30 shipped in lower 48.