Great Hunt and Find two

By Andy Smith; posted October 27, 2017

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While off the mainline at lease a 1/4 mile, came across this old steam engine, talked to an old elderly historian, advised me these old beast where used back in the logging eras pre 1900,,For three years the old story was a steam locomotive had sunk into a lake, and was never recovered..i suspect checking the railway logs, this may be an old steamer that was made by Rhode Island steam engines in 1889 and went through the ice and the shell was pulled out yrs ago, timber back in the day was loaded whole on flats and transhipped,,Archives show only two old steamers with 2-6-0 configuration. was never scrapped according to the railway archives..i suspect what was lost has been found, next year i.ll try to see if the wheels and drivers are at the bottom of the lake,,