Pair of Baby Signal Sized Porcelain Insulators Updated

By Caleb Thimell; posted October 22, 2017

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I picked up this pair of insulators recently and when in the shop I thought the drippy gray green glazed insulator had an upside down G on it. Now that I bought it I can't seem to locate it. Perhaps the glaze reminded me of the Square D dry process ponies and my mind filled in the details? Can anyone confirm who made this. Measures 2 7/8" wide by 3 3/8 tall. Looks like a Thomas with a Line Materials glaze. Update: The drippy glaze grey green is Thomas made and used on Washington Water & Power in Spokane area.

The Slate Blue (sorry the color doesn't show so well) porcelain on the right measures 3" wide by 3 3/4" tall. Glaze looks like some of the fabulous Ohio Brass pieces out there. Can anyone confirm either insulator's manufacturer? These do not have cracked bases like dry process so fairly sure they are wet process. Update: This one is a rather scarce example made by G.P. Co. Thanks to Brent, Robin, Elton and others for your assistance.