CD126.3 CREB Unlisted Embossing Variant?

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 21, 2017

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Is there a typo in the Price Guide, or is there really no listing for a CD 126.3 [F-Crown] (Arc)W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST. /N.Y. [R-Crown] PAT/JAN 25TH 1870.? This one has no shop number, front or rear, and all of the embossing is very crisp and distinct. Nothing's missing or faint. The Price Guide lists all of the single date variants with PAT on the same line as the date. In fact, the only listings with PAT on its own line are the ones with CAUVET'S (DAUVET'S) in the embossing. So is this a new find? Too bad for the small fisheye ping on the front crown above IEL; it's otherwise mint, and it has a few amber wisps and lots of tiny white bits of potstone throughout to add even more character to this old soldier.

Anyone else have one of these?