Lighted insulator crossarm display.

By Curtis Erickson; posted October 16, 2017

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Neat insulator display made out of two crossarms. The display lights up behind the two plastic areas, the clear plastic shelf between the two arms is kind of hard to see in the photo. On the clear plastic shelf you can set insulators on it to be light up from the bottom. The florescent light goes behind the plastic, I left the bulb out so you can see it. The display comes apart so it can be transported. I believe the collector that made this took it to shows. The crossarms are only 6 pins and not modified, something you don't see as much compared to 8 or 10 pins arms. If you choose not to use the lighting part, it easily comes off and you can display it with just the crossarms. It looks like a little spot of white paint got on the top crossarm. $95 or best offer, or trade if something I'm looking for. Pickup (Southeast Michigan) or delivery to the Springfield insulator show.