New pole, 5 weeks later

By James Mulvey; posted October 13, 2017

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This project has taken far longer than I had expected. Once the pole was up, I expected to have all the suspensions installed in a few days, a week at most. Here it is over a month later and I still have hundreds more to put up. These are a few of them, pulled from a dumpster nearly 10 years ago, stacked and covered, they became overgrown with weeds and forgotten about. Mostly older CP with cool glazes, which I plan on using near the bottom. They were the last ones to be re-discovered and will be the last ones to be hung. Most of the 'grounders' scattered around the yard have been found and cleaned, ready to hang. Weather is now the determining factor for how long until it's done.

I had spent several days working on it and was over half way when I noticed something wasn't right. I checked and found that early on in the construction I had misread a 2 as a 7. Now 5 degrees is not a big difference on a 1 foot measure, but the lengths were getting longer and at 5 foot it was significant. Down came the 600 discs that I had just hung, fix the problem and start over.

Today, I am just ahead of where I was about a month ago.

Way too much fun for just one person.