Canadian Guy Strains

By Barrett Nicpon; posted October 12, 2017

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Recently a S.W. Ontario collector was kind enough to help me in acquiring a long-awaited addition to the collection: a green-glazed CP strain. I've only seen a handful of these in collections over the years, and I'm certainly excited to have this one. I'm not much of a strain collector, but I do seem to have developed a passion for colourful Canadian Porcelain products. The collector I obtained this one from got it and another just like it in a collection of insulators purchased here in S.W. Ontario from an old lineman/closet collector. Included in the collection were a number of other nice pieces, and he was also kind enough to send me home with a few other interesting pieces. All four of these strains came from the same collection. All are Canadian except for the example second from left, the manufacturer of which I do not know, but I believe these caramel-glazed dry process strains are also found in the United States. The example at far left is a gorgeous blue-glazed dry process piece with "teats" at bottom, which I've only recently been informed may be uniquely Canadian. I've found a couple of these over the years so they were certainly used around these parts. I'm always interested in seeing any Canadian Porcelain guy strains I don't already have! Would be great to add a cobalt blue, "CP blue", and white example to the collection some day. For now they're mostly shades of brown or caramel.