Clear WHITALL TATUM CD 216 and Aqua Go-With

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 12, 2017

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Here is a clear CD 216 EIN [010] (F-Skirt) (Arc)WHITALL TATUM/512U (R-Skirt) (Arc)MADE IN U.S.A./6-43/["A" in circle] SB along with an aqua W-T marked bottle. The bottle is embossed on the side SCOTT'S/EMULSION/ [vertical] TRADE (picture of fisherman carrying codfish) [vertical] MARK/COD LIVER OIL/WITH/LIME & SODA and on the bottom 2 [W/T in triangle] 2. Click on View Original for more detail. The insulator has a tiny peck on one ear, and I see no damage on the bottle beyond some slight stains on the inside. Take them both for $12 plus postage.