Two piece "Convergence" Mold for automatic press makking CREBs - 1899-1900

By Lee Brewer; posted October 10, 2017

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Here is a small part of the diagram lifted from H. Brookfield's automatic insulator (adaptable to other items according to the patent text) press.

Two mold halves were auto-converged to press the glass and auto-separated for the insulator to eject after it had been pressed.

CREBs made by this Convergence-Press (not an official name) are those with "NEW YORK" on the dome instead of a street address.

One hint as to which were made in the press is collector Dave Schmidt has a CREB133 with a handwritten label explaining it came from such a mold - and includes initials "F.B." which likely are from Frank Brookfield - son of William and working in the factory at this time.

The information on this mold has surfaced within the last few months. Other dating information which supports this theory (though not specifically mentioned in this context since the above information was discovered post production) is in my book.