Magnet Fishing

By Dante Di Midio; posted October 9, 2017

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basically this is 50 feet rope with fancy knots tied on the ends and a very strong rare earth element magnet at one end. The rope and hardware can be bought at Home depot. The magnet disks you can get online. I recommend 247+ pull pounds. I just upgraded to 405 pull pound. Message me for knot directions if you plan on making one. In theory you could catch an insulator if it's still on the steel pin or has an iron tire wire. I originally made this rig to dredge the area near an 1870s railroad bridge that crossed a river. The bridge deck was demolished but the columns were not. The new bridge was built right next to original one around 1911. I have yet to find a good spot where my line won't get snagged on the rocks but in the mean time I went to a lake near by. I caught a bike with fishing lures and hooks stuck in it. Hoping to maybe catch some insulator brackets or line hardware. If I do I will post it.