HGCO - CD 145 Narrow Style, CD 162 w/ 134 top Sale

By Christian Willis; posted October 3, 2017

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Here's a few seldom seen, early H.G.CO. pieces.

CD 133 [030] SB - Very clean, just one minor BB ding on the side dome from mint. Edit: Just noticed a few minor scratches on the dome too. $40 SOLD

CD 145 [110] Narrow Style in a rich aqua - Very sharp, just one tiny flea bite on dome from mint and one tiny flake on wire groove. $60 shipped

CD 162 [010] Green Aqua w/ CD 134 top - a few minor flakes on the wire ridge and base, roughness around portions of the base edge and one r-skirt inner skirt pinkie flake. Tough piece! $230 shipped

Payment methods accepted: PayPal friends & family or personal check. Thanks!