How do power a region of a million customers without those circuits

By Carl Schwendeman; posted October 2, 2017

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How do power a region of a million customers without those circuits?

Several days later the alien Brim's invasion monster is killed after Ned gets the giant Brim to become fried shrimp. With the death of the Brim's monster and the humans being quite more aggressive and militaristic then the Brim had planned for the Brim invasion was now in ruins.

The Brim's Empire with out the fear and amazement of the Goliath Monster starts to break up as several weaker alien races start to revolt from Brim Enslavement. Worst off all the humans having a thing for science and study start pulling apart the Brim's alien tech to study how to build star ships and space craft.

Now however the Power Company finds the bulk of it's customers without power after the main 765,000 volt double circuit came crashing down a few days and ended the existence of a God among the Brim.

At this point the power company now had to figure out to build a power line bypass of a wreaked neighborhood and a 3,000 foot long burning alien star ship and the former pile of guts that was formally a Brim god.