Ned's Life Work vs the Child of a Brim God

By Carl Schwendeman; posted October 2, 2017

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Ned Lineman leads the Brim's Goliath Monster into double 765,000 double circuit high voltage line with a 365,000 volt and 230,000 volt double circuit running next to it.

The Goliath Monster however never seeing something like the high voltage tower before attack it so aggressively that it tries to bite the high voltage tower's head off like it would to a opponent.

The trouble is the Brim had embedded a seven phase 22,000 volt shock system into the Goliath Monster's brain to try and control the beast as a military weapon. The 765,00 three phase voltage however uses the Brim electric system to basically severely damage the Brim's Goliath Monster's main nervous system.

Ned however had seen ice storms and forest fires and wind storms bring down high voltage lines but never something like this.