We place our bets on a Old Power Truck

By Carl Schwendeman; posted October 2, 2017

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In most alien invasion movies the aliens come off as mindless droids or robots out to kill humans and invade.

The fish like Brim however don't act that way. The Brim however love to place bets on their opponent such as how long it will take the Brim to crush a enemy's defense force. Or how long it will take the Brim's Goliath Monster to flatten and devour a enemy's village and it's native population.

In the case of Ned Lineman in the old power truck Ned starts firing fireworks at the 300 foot tall Goliath Monster to divert it away from his neighborhood.

You would think the Brim would blow apart the old power truck and be done with it. But over the last few years the Brim grew tried of all the crying and whining of different races begging for their lives from the Goliath Monster. So when the Brim finally see someone fight back even in a insane attempt like this orange power truck the Brim however open the betting tables.