CD 102 which listing

By Dave Fleishman; posted September 28, 2017

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Jim Colburn posted in the help folder a CD 102 Canadian with MLOD.He asked what EIN it is. In Briel's price guide 2015 it would be a CD 102 No Embossing-Canada EIN [060] threaded nearly to base. Jim's insulator is not threaded nearly to base. In McDougald's price guide 1999 Jim's insulator would be an EIN [060] no embossing MLOD.McDougald's guide shows the nearly threaded to base as EIN [070] MLOD.Some where along time the EIN [070] MLOD was dropped. There should be a note on Briel's listing that the EIN [060] may or mat not be threaded nearly to base. My photo shows two nearly threaded to base and two not threaded to base. Hope this helps Jim