2 CD 121 Hemingray Embossing Error Insulators ~ EIN [130] & EIN [160] Sale

By Andy Schoenleben; posted September 21, 2017

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This insulator on the left is a EIN [130] and is in good condition. There are some chipped drip points and light scratches on the dome of the insulator. The blot out is on the (R-Skirt).

The insulator on the right is a CD 121 - EIN [160]. There is a bubble on the (R-Skirt) of the insulator and some snow scattered throughout the insulator. There are no chips and only one broken drip point. The blot out is faint (may be hard to see in the pictures.)

Now asking $8.00 plus actual shipping cost for the pair. I accept PayPal as a form of payment.