CD 134 CREB Unlisted Color

By Chris Cotnoir; posted September 19, 2017

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I picked this up recently at a flea market. It's a CD 134 EIN [080] (F-Crown) (Arc)W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST./N.Y. {MLOD} SB in what is referred to in other CREB listings as Windex Blue. These 134's come in lots of shades of aqua and green, but this is the first true Blue one I've seen. The embossing is quite weak, but it's also nearly completely ghosted, and some of the ghosting is more readable than the actual embossing. There are also a few bubbles and wrinkles to add even more character. A small base flake, shown, and another smaller one by the right mold line are the only damage to speak of. Inquiries welcome.