Today's Paris find - CD 399

By Nathan Holmes; posted September 17, 2017

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Unlike when I was last here in May, I didn't find any interesting glass. All I found picking through the Paris flea markets today was a bunch of EIV and Sediver suspensions, and not even interesting ones. A few gingerbread boys and spools still in the air, but unfortunately still very much wired and not on the sales tables. However, on my way back to the metro station, I went by a shop front and that distinctive French glass color caught my eye. There, sitting in a store that did antique furniture, was a dead mint CD 399.

It's mine now, so all I have to figure out is how to get the big chunk of glass home safely.

The owner thinks he may have more stashed away, so I'm going to check back with him before I leave next week. I suspect these wouldn't be hard to unload once I got home, but I'm keeping this first one.