hurricane special - wine for insulators

By Tom Howell; posted September 12, 2017

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I realized after dealing with the hurricane that there are several things I just do not need and/or want to keep any longer and have decided to see if I could trade them for something of a more non-perishable nature.

These wines have all been properly stored in my wine cellar and are in excellent condition and ready to drink. Here is a listing of a few things I would like to trade:

1995 Dom Perignon 1977 Grahams Port 1982 Dows Port 1997 Grahams Port 1997 Niepoort

I would like to find something in a cobalt/peacock blue, yellow amber or mustard - interested in finding a CD 116, CD 141, CD 149, a McMicking, Withycombe and/or possibly a large insulator bushing.

thank you all in advance, much appreciated