Hunts and Fails S02 E04

By James Mulvey; posted September 8, 2017

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Couldn't sleep last night so I did some online hunting. I came across, a website that is an English language brokerage for 50,000 companies in China, Japan, Korea and other countries. I found this charming little suspension in China and I wanted one. I checked the site and found that they take credit cards as opposed to most Asian companies that only accept wire transfers or Bank letter of credit. I was naive thinking that this will be mine for the indicated $20, but I gave it a shot.

Two hours into this and it was not going well. 1- Their site will not accept my Canadian post code as correct, which means I cannot proceed further and transfer funds to my account. 2- I discover that postage for one insulator is almost $100; postage for two is about $160. 3- Then I receive an email that I ' can not buy just one, minimum order is 100 units - Is that OK ? ' and 4- and I do not fault the company here, they make a % on the items' price, they get a fee for transferring your money to their account and they get the exchange rate.

I was willing to pay about $100 to get it, the real postage was expected and not a surprise. There is something most unusual about this piece. Look and you will know it when you notice it. It is the only one I have seen like this.

I've cancelled my order, let's see if I can get that much right.