CD1038 in Museum

By Roger Poole; posted September 4, 2017

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Was searching for information about CD 1038 Cutters but couldn't find much here at Icon accept some were sold here. I'm not looking to sell the one pictured. It is in a museum very close to where I live along with a card that states who made it. So I'm attempting to know if what is written on that card is factual. I will post a closer look at the card in the next I add. Sorry that pic isn't the clearest. Was my first time in this museum and although I had some great conversations with the curator I wasn't about to ask him to remove any items displayed in glass casses so I could get better pictures. I was also wondering if the was any relationship between Oakum on that card and the Oakman maker of insulators. Like maybe a name change or error on said card.