CD 121 AM TEL & TEL CO Double Embossing ~ Approx. 1/4" apart! - Sold

By Andy Schoenleben; posted August 30, 2017

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Here is a CD 121 AM TEL & TEL CO insulator with 2 rows of embossing. The second "TEL" in the embossing splits at approx. a 45 degree angle and becomes two. (one that stays straight and the other that curves up.) [id=508713680] This leads to a "CO" just over 1/4" higher than a second "CO". [id=508713682] Most of the "AM TEL." is faint. There is a "1" on the dome of the insulator and it is double stamped. [id=508713597] The insulator is in excellent condition with some manufacturer cracks in the threads of the insulator. The insulator is a light blue/light aqua color. There is no embossing on the rear skirt of the insulator.

Asking $25.00 plus actual shipping cost for this unique insulator.

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