Three B beehives with Junk - Metal? Amber String & Big Bubble Sold

By Mike Gaudy; posted August 19, 2017

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Three B beehives with Junk Metal? Amber Big Bubble This (these) insulator(s) is (are) in near mint condition; any noticeable damage is described below. Tiny nicks or flea bites are not numerated. Photos taken in natural daylight some with shear curtains and/or in front of full spectrum fluorescent light.

All three are embossed with "B" and no other embossing. From left to right: Looks like a small piece of metal 3/8" x " you can see a bb ping on the dome above. There are two other bubbles that can be seen. Center is a nice amber string. Damage consists of two small flat base chips and a half thumb-nail size chip out of the petticoat. On the right is a Bubble measuring right at an inch wide. $120 for all three plus shipping. I don't want to break up the set, but if you insist on just one it would be $65 for any one plus shipping.