At long last, new display shelves #3

By Nathan Holmes; posted August 17, 2017

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Not strictly part of the display shelves, but since my new insulator room is where you go in and out of the garage, I built a coat rack on the wall as well to fit the theme of the room. It's grey stained rough cut siding to give it the "old barn wood" look without being nearly so brittle and dusty, and then a piece of thick wall copper pipe with hooks on it suspended between two Hemingray 43s. To fill some of the blank space, I just attached an extra PG&E high voltage sign and a builder's plate off an old Allis Chalmers induction motor.

The CD 214s are off a pole along the D&RGW's old Tennessee Pass line in Minturn, CO. They carried the signal power supply lines. On July 4 back many years ago, one of the rotten old poles fell over on some guy's new truck. I happened across the scene, and wound up shooting the breeze with the poor guy and a sheriff's deputy who was there to take a report. Eventually the whole thing ended up with me helping them get the pole off the truck, and in return they helped me unbolt and load up a couple crossarms in the back of my truck. That's where the arm between the display cases came from in the previous picture, and the 214s came off the same pole.