At long last, new display shelves #2

By Nathan Holmes; posted August 17, 2017

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And the other end. Eventually - inspired by seeing Don Briel's display room - the suspensions will hang from the crossarm. I'm still waiting on the hardware to show up.

The lit shelf actually uses two edge-lit LED troffers (one 2x2, one 2x4) for illumination. They're dimmed down quite a bit so as to not burn out my retinas, but they're still plenty bright. It's a nice even light at 5000K (room lights are otherwise 3000K), and dimmed down as far as they are, they run at almost room temperature.

The big stuff - Provos, Muncies, Coolies, Stackers, and those big awesome Pyrexes - is all up in my office atop my book cases. Leaves more room downstairs for the smaller stuff.