At long last, new display shelves

By Nathan Holmes; posted August 17, 2017

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The last time my collection was all out and on display in one place was nearly 20 years ago. I took a couple decades off from the hobby through college, moving to Colorado, getting married, moving again, getting unmarried, etc. I've always had a few of my prize bits on display somewhere - my Biddles, a few EC&Ms, castles, etc., but the bulk of my insulators were stored away. About two years or so ago the bug bit me again, so I converted my downstairs room from unused general junk storage to an insulator display. I started remodeling on New Year's Day, and I can finally say it's done, the collection is re-inventoried and on the shelves, and now all that's left to do is reorganize and spread them out a bit - at least until I get enough to fill up all that extra space I've got.

The three left-most are foreign (including Canada and Mexico in this case), then power, then signals and tolls and other unorganized things. I've spent the most time arranging the foreign stuff - the US stuff is mostly just grouped as it came out of boxes so far. This weekend I plan to arrange it a bit more rationally and spread it out.