45 year old hoard -

By Timothy M. Baggett; posted August 14, 2017

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One of my long time auction / antique buddies passed away a couple years back. Collected and hoarded all kinds of super neat antique items. Worked with the Public Service Commission and somehow acquired several thousand insulators. Family is in the process of settling the estate and contacted me to see if I would be interested in the insulators. My friend had told me of this stash over the years but for some reason we never could get together to check them out.

Well, today I finally got to the barn where they have sat all of these years. Originally they were in cardboard boxes stacked nice and neat. Over the years the boxes deteriorated. Nature, critters, and vandals had done a number on some of them. However, for the most part they seem to be in fairly good shape those not damaged. Looks to be several thousand in the pile.

Well, it's a big pile of Hemi-Blue 42's, Aqua and Hemi-Blue 40's and some aqua Whitall Tatums. Just have to dig them all out and look for the varieties. Most of the 42's have sharp drips, hopefully some "dragon teeth" pieces.

Bought them all. None exist on poles anywhere in the area any longer. Part of my retirement portfolio.