A new one from Russia

By James Mulvey; posted August 5, 2017

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ShS-20 UD insulators are designed for fixing and insulation of insulated and insulated SIP-3 wires on overhead power lines and in switchgears of power stations and substations of alternating current with voltage up to 20 kV inclusive and frequency up to 100 Hz at ambient air temperature from minus 60 to Plus 50 C. The wire can be fixed in the gutter or on the neck of the insulator. Insulators meet the requirements of TU 3493-010-99267582-2015 and GOST 1232.

Advantages of pin glass insulators SHS 10 UD: Unlike traditional pin insulators of the ShS type, the new insulators SHS 10 ED and ШС 20 ED have a double-wing shape, due to which they have an increased length of the leakage current path and can be recommended for use in areas with a special degree of pollution and high thunderstorm activity. Fastening of insulators ШС 10УД is carried out by means of the collet the plug located inside an insulator which, in turn, is mounted on a pin of a cross-beam with the standard cap of type "К" or "КП" fixed on it. This sleeve is made of a UV-resistant composite material. In addition, it prevents from the destruction under the influence of UV radiation caps of the type "K" or "KP", mounted on the pins of the traverse.

A similar type discovered over a year ago. [id=459034846]