CD 301.5 Hemingray-515 [010]

By Christian Willis; posted July 31, 2017

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Ever since I saw a picture of the CD 301.5 in the McDougald book back in 1992, I knew I wanted one. At the time, I had no idea how scarce they were, and the (then) $350-400 price guide value was waaaay out of an 11 year old's price range anyway.

Fast forward 25 years, and there it was: sitting on Dwayne Anthony's sales table at the 2017 National! Needless to say it has found a new home. It came out of the Haltman collection, and is the same insulator pictured in the McDougald book (note the black dot above and to the left of the "H").

My understanding is there are only a few known in each color (clear and amber), and all were dug from the Hemingray dump, so none of them actually saw service. It's in pretty remarkable condition for a dump specimen, with only one flat base slice. It has a mold and date code on the back of "1-9." so it was made in 1940. If anyone has any more info on these like when they were found, or the exact number known, please contact me! There's just no info out there on these.