3rd example of the Fred M. Locke Locke "pigs"

By Mike Spadafora; posted July 26, 2017

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This unique piece of Fred M.Locke related insulator factory "art" changed hands at the 2017 National. It is the 3rd example of the "pigs" Three different examples of this have surfaced one with Fred Locke's name on the side in the 1970's, A second with references to the Lima insulator Co inscribed on the underside was found near Lima by Ken Willick and now this one that was found at an Indiana antique shop very recently . All three are thought to have ether been Made by Fred Locke himself or a close friend working at ether the Locke or Lima (or both) factories . all three examples are uniquely made hand made and hand glazed pieces. Each pig is uniquely molded and decorated with insulator factory glazes and glazewelded to the base which is a slap of glazed wet process electrical porcelain . [id=95972176] to see the other two known unique examples of the "pigs"