Canadian Porcelain (CP) items

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 24, 2017

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I'm a collector of Canadian-made porcelain items and have an insatiable appetite for any examples I don't currently have!

Included in my want list are any items I don't already have that were made by any Canadian porcelain manufacturer, or made specifically for use in Canada by any manufacturer globally (including the UK or United States).

Some Canadian manufacturers include: Canadian Porcelain (Hamilton, Ontario, Hamilton Porcelain (Hamilton, ON), Medalta (Medicine Hat, Alberta), National Porcelain (Medicine Hat, Alberta), and St John's Potteries (Quebec).

Most sought after by me are items made by or related to the Canadian Porcelain Company or its predecessor, the Canadian Insulator Co (cent symbol). or any railway telegraph beehive style I don't already have (most but not all are listed below!).

Some Canadian-made or at least Canadian-used insulators I'm specifically looking for include:

U-132 CPR in brown (possible PHV product)

ICR (Inter Colonial Railway) ink-stamped beehive

U-1131 CPR with blue ink stamp

U-1131 CPR with black ink stamp

U-1131A T & N O Ry dome-marked (must be mint as I have a damaged example already!)

U-# Unknown "Gisborne Grandaddy".

U-2463 in yellow, marked or unmarked CP (

U-2421 in green with black ink CP marking

U-2421 in white with black ink CP marking

U-2421 in caramel/tan, marked or unmarked

U-1118 NN CP (

U-1116 NN CP (

[any colour, any style] 'cent'-marked items

M-2101 NN CP

M-2200 NN CP ([id=310468933])

M-3451 CP (marked, if possible)

U-2451 CP with marking [any colour] (

U-1203 CP with marking in white (

U-2582 CP with marking in any colour other than brown, white or caramel/tan (

U-2582 CP in any colour other than brown, skytone or blue (

Any CP-made insulator in a dark slate grey glaze (have only seen one cable style and one spool variety in this glaze but its likely there are others out there)

Any CP-made insulator in a canary yellow glaze.

Any CP-made insulators with unusual marking/glaze combinations, eg. "C.P.Co.", or "C.P." instead of the normal insignia, esp. in blues, greens, greys, white, etc.(see the above photo for some marking variations!)

Any CP-made insulators with unusual number or letter stamps, incuse, ink stamp or anything else.

CP "bayonet" fuse, handle or full fuse, preferably with marking

CP lightning arrestors

Any character glazes, esp. those with dramatic finger prints, two tones, glazed-over chips, etc.

Any of the following CP styles in any colour other than brown, marked or unmarked would also be of interest:

U-1131 any colour other than brown, esp. with markings

U-1197 (

U-1875 any colour other than brown or white (

U-1907 (

U-2212 (

U-2247 (

U-2461 any colour other than brown or white (

U-2611 (

U-2659 (

U-2675 (

U-2701 (

U-2741 (

U-2758 (

U-2764 (

CP spools, esp. with markings

CP multiparts

Any CP item with an unusual pinhole configuration. For example, I have examples of U-2421 and U-2582 with a standard British thread, found in New Zealand. These have a 5/8" pinhole. I also have a U-2675 CP with standard Australian threads, found in Queensland. Another one is a U-2701 I have with a 1 3/8" pinhole. It's the only one I've ever seen with anything apart from a typical 1" pinhole.

And then of course there are catalogues. Any CP catalogue is of interest to me. For that matter, anything else related to the company really.