Sage CD 162?

By Ryan Smith; posted July 7, 2017

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I was wondering if anybody could help identify the color on this CD 162. I am thinking that it might be some sort of sage green, but am open to any other suggestions. The only color that I have found in the price guide that sort of makes sense to me is a Sage/Gray two tone...but I do not see any gray in this insulator. It is not like any other standard Hemingray-19 insulators in my collection. The glass is definitely a little more crude than others that I have as well. To me, it is somewhere in between ice aqua and standard aqua. I might need to get a better shot, as I am not sure that this photo is going to do justice for the real color. Definitely hoping that is not just a light blue aqua. Looking to possibly sell this piece if I could get a good color identification. I have no idea what they might go for or even if they are a desired color to have in one's signal collection.

I was also able to find this link to another one that I believe is exactly the same: It is about two-thirds of the way down the page and only identifies the color as 'sage'.

Thanks in advance!