Flea Market Treasures

By Chris Cotnoir; posted July 7, 2017

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Here are four unexpected flea market finds from this week. The most interesting to me is the CD 112 on the left because it's an unlisted embossing variant. There is nothing in the current Price Guide that comes close to matching it. It appears to be a cross between EIN [010] (Dome) [Backwards] 6 (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD SB and (sim.) EIN [050] (F-Center between wire grooves) B (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD (R-Skirt) NEW YORK SB. This one has a dome number and no NEW YORK in the rear, but it also has a B between the wire grooves. The B on this one, however, is in the rear, and it's not centered, but rather offset to the left much like other B insulators, including CDs 145, 152, and 160, for example. See [id=503971306] for greater detail. Anyone else have one like this?

Of course the most valuable item in the group is the CD 145 B.G.M.CO. in dark purple. The condition is quite excellent for one of these, with only three areas of flat slivers on the base and a small fisheye in the left rear skirt. But a piece of white potstone in the center rear skirt and a couple of bubbles in the dome call attention away from the minor damage. This is an upgrade for my collection.

The two Stars on the right were found with the unlisted keg. The yellow olivey green CD 106 is sold [id=503971441]. The light limey green CD 102 is loaded with snow, including a couple larger pieces in the front skirt. See [id=503971073] for a closer look. Too bad for the fisheye in the front dome. This one will fit nicely on my "snowglobe" shelves.

They're out there to be found if you keep looking.