CD 112 BROOKFIELD Unlisted Embossing Variant UPDATED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted July 7, 2017

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This is a CD 112 BROOKFIELD with what I believe is an unlisted embossing variant. There is nothing in the current Price Guide that quite matches it. It appears to be a cross between EIN [010] (Dome) [Backwards] 6 (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD SB and (sim.) EIN [050] (F-Center between wire grooves) B (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD (R-Skirt) NEW YORK SB. Specifically, this one has a dome number and BROOKFIELD on the front skirt with no NEW YORK in the rear, but it also has a B in the middle between the wire grooves. The middle B on this one, however, is in the rear, and it's not centered, but rather offset to the left much like other B insulators, such as CDs 145, 152, and 160, for example. Anyone else have one like this?

Update: Gene Hawkins very astutely pointed out that the usual EIN [050] with the middle B centered between the wire grooves in front is the plumper version of the Brookfield kegs, which is actually quite common, while this one is the skinnier version. He also noted that the skinny keg also comes with just a plain B in the middle section as in the B EIN [010] (Dome) [Number] (F-Center between wire grooves) B SB with no other embossing (no BROOKFIELD; no NEW YORK), but he commented that the B may be found both centered and offset. So it seems to me that this unit above is more of a cross between a Brookfield and a B than between two different Brookfields.

Final Update: After further discussion with Don Briel, this is a unique embossing and will be listed in the next edition of the Price Guide as a new EIN.