CD 181 Pluto

By Bill Meier; posted February 19, 2003

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A great one for the CD collector. An unusual piece that came out of an antique store in Durango, CO. Normally, these have some damage to the ears, and this is no exception. However, there is no "plastic" on this piece. From the mold line forward it is mint. From the back, the upper right ear has a 1" flake down the side; the lower right ear is mint. The upper left ear has some chipping which removes about 1/4 of the ear; the lower left ear has a small flake on it. There is a 2" base bruise that can hardly be seen, and a fingernail sized inner skirt chip, both on the rear of the insulator. [id=50276784] for a view of this damage. Satisfaction guaranteed. $1800 ppd