By Lee Brewer; posted February 19, 2003

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Who says Brookfield's have no color? NOTE: as of the Springfield 2012 show, the "cornflower color name was shown to be identical to a light sapphire blue HGCO PETTICOAT 145 and therefore the name was changed. Also, the CREBs called sapphire are awaiting an actual name b/c they do not match any other sapphire color in the hobby - they remind a person of Windex window cleaner). I had taken a picture of a few sapphire CREB's under some 40 watt lights and the color was so vividly manifesting itself I had to line up more of my better CREB's and take some pictures. No, in a sunlit window they do not glow like this (well - OK, the chartreuse does!) - but under these light bulbs they did. In this picture I threw in a normal, light aqua CREB as a comparison piece and as a color reference. The lineup is as follows: Front Row (left to right) - sapphire blue, purple, sapphire blue; middle row (left to right) - sapphire blue, chartreuse, light aqua (the 'normal' piece you see in CREB 145's), green; back row (left to right) - a sapphire-ish-in-between-blue (!), cornflower blue, pea green Note that some of the sapphires do not show the same color and I think this is due to the angle of the lighting (?). Note the back row does not have two cornflowers - only one. The sapphire-ish-in-between-blue is NOT the same shade as the cornflower in real life (or even close - it is close to the sapphires with a bit more aqua in it). The 'pea green' is NOT the same color as the CD 145 HGCO 'pea soup green' nor as I attempting to coin a new color term here. This is simply the color that comes to my mind when I see this piece (like the old timers used to call a piece - by the color vegetable or fruit it reminded them of). When I put it up against a pea soup green HGCO PETTICOAT, the CREB looks like it turns into a straight green color! For picture 2 of the series [id=50271053]. For picture 3: [id=50271521]