Blond PHV beehive and strain, Green Westinghouse cable top, EC&M

By Mary Ann Pike; posted May 25, 2017

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I bid on and won a lot of insulators in an auction in California yesterday. A local collector kindly previewed the lot for me and sent me this picture (he will also be picking them up for me). There were about 3 dozen insulators in the lot, nothing else of tremendous interest, I don't think... a couple of Locke glass power pieces, and a random assortment of porcelain and glass beehives and signals. I am very grateful to the local person who is helping me...someone I've never met but only know through ICON.

The auctioneer told me that someone had called him after he posted the pictures for this auction and asked him if he would pull the EC&M out of the lot and sell it to him. Thankfully he said no, but if the person won the lot he would be happy to ship it to them. Always will be unscrupulous people out there...