Blue California Baby Signal CD 160.TRADED

By Colin Jung; posted May 22, 2017

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As a California insulator collector and west coast dealer, this baby signal has been my most frequently requested for sale insulator. This is the first time in 18 years of collecting Cals, that I have had a duplicate blue baby signal that I could offer to another collector. According to a baby signal collector who keeps an up-to-date census of these blue babies, there are still a handful of veteran Cal collectors that still don't own one yet.

This one is offered in trade only for your better California pieces that will fit in my collection. See my want list @ [id=549405707] Cash to even up any difference in trade value.

**Update: One with a small chip out of the inner skirt just sold on eBay with 40 bids and a top bid of $355!! The auction baby signal came from the Dan Ling collection per the seller.

Bob Berry listed a damaged one with a skirt fracture and wire ridge bruise on ICON for $165 and got 4 buy offers within the first 17 web views. Mine is in better shape and can be had for a comparatively lower trade value. **